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Outdoors in Cass County

by Neil Abeles | March 14, 2023 at 10:00 p.m. | Updated March 15, 2023 at 2:12 p.m.
Tucked away in the woods surrounding Atlanta’s Sports Complex is the city’s pond. Here one can walk around its trails or sit on the banks and fish. Not many towns have such a fishing pond inside the city limits. (Photo by Neil Abeles)

March is the time for being outdoors in this part of Northeast Texas. The buds, grasses, flowers and trees are springing forth, and the wind is rushing around. Humans feel it, too, so we go walking. One meaning of March is to be on one's feet. "Move forth," our brain tells us.

Usually we prefer to do our outings with others. Children, dogs and friends, in that order, seem to be the companions of choice.

The month of March itself has a varied history. It is the third month of the year in both the Julian and Gregorian calendars but the first month of the year, Martius, in the Roman calendar.

March is the second of seven months to have a length of 31 days. In this Northern Hemisphere, spring occurs on the first day of March.

The month is named after "Mars," the Roman God of War, which is not too pleasing. It is, on the other hand, the beginning of the season for festivals.

March's birthstones are the aquamarine and bloodstone. Its birth flower is the daffodil. March is women's history month, and, if you really want to know, it is also the national month for Irish-American Heritage, celery, reading, kidneys, music in our schools, athletic training, youth art, profession of social work, nutrition, Cerebral Palsy, frozen food, bleeding disorders, Multiple Sclerosis awareness and the season for nonviolence.

More daily and locally, March is the month for spring breaks in public schools. March 2 is Texas Independence Day. March 12 is the birthday of Girl Scouts. In Ireland, March 18 is St. Patrick's Day. March 22 is as young as you feel day, though it is hard to say how this got chosen. You'll never guess what the day of March 25 is. It's Tolkien Reading Day for J. R. R.'s fans. Finally, March 27 is International Whiskey Day for those who care.

Here in Atlanta this past weekend, the photographer found people fishing, walking for exercise, pushing a baby carriage, going shopping in a cart and playing golf.

These activities maybe won't make a list, but they certainly make good scenes for photographs. Here are the five views.

  photo  This storm water drainage area leading from downtown courthouse square in Linden to the City Park was once dense and overgrown. Now it is an open rock embanked path for walking baby and carriage. (Photo by Neil Abeles)
  photo  Golfing on a Sunday afternoon in March at the Indian Hills Golf Club in Atlanta is just the thing for sport and family time. That's what R J. Welborn is finding out with his son Jace as they line up the golf ball. Rodney Bynum is looking on at left. (Photo by Neil Abeles)
  photo  School Lane at Atlanta High School and Atlanta Primary School is well known as a quiet and pleasant place to walk. Four friends are finding the incline and curve keeps the walk taxing and interesting. Even the speed limit sign is encouraging. (Photo by Neil Abeles)
  photo  Lisa Gore is especially happy to be out on Kaufman Street in Linden which is getting a new road surfacing. "I travel this way daily, and I can do everything and go everywhere I want with my cart. It will be easier when paved. I'm happy," Gore said. (Photo by Neil Abeles)

Print Headline: Outdoors in Cass County


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