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Texarkana K2 overdoses declared local public health emergency

by Lori Dunn | March 29, 2023 at 11:40 a.m.

TEXARKANA --Chief Medical Officer of the Texarkana Emergency Center and Hospital Dr. Matt Young has declared a rash of overdoses in the community a public health emergency.

Seven people have died of overdoses in the last seven days and first responders have received 17 calls about overdoses in the same time period.

The overdoses are believed to have been caused by a synthetic drug, often called K2, Synthetic marijuana or spice. The drug has been contaminated with a type of chemical that is killing people in the community who take recreational drugs. Young said there are also reports there is a form of the drug that resembles candy and wants to public to be aware of the dangers.

Young spoke at a press conference Wednesday morning that also included police chiefs, fire chief and mayors from both Texarkana Arkansas and Texas along with both Miller and Bowie County sheriffs.

This is a developing story.

Print Headline: K2 overdoses declared local public health emergency


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