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Police warn shoppers of scam at home improvement stores

by Lori Dunn | May 27, 2023 at 10:00 p.m.

TEXARKANA, Texas --A recent scam investigated by police is one that predominately targets senior adults.

Texarkana Texas Police recently arrested a man who has allegedly operated a number of schemes at local stores. He has been charged with theft and exploitation of the elderly.

A man shopping at Lowe's in Texarkana, Texas, earlier this month was approached by the suspect. The suspect allegedly struck up a conversation with the older customer and offered to sell him a lawn mower for $1,000, explaining that he was a driver for Home Depot and that someone who had ordered the mower had died and that he had been authorized to sell it.

The customer offered the suspect $500 for the equipment and drove himself and the man to a nearby Walmart to get cash from an ATM. The two then returned to Home Depot where the suspect took the money as the two headed inside. While there, the suspect allegedly pretended to speak to a female store manager on his phone who reportedly assured the victim she worked at the store.

While at Home Depot, the suspect left the man outside while he went in the store and never returned. Fortunately, the elderly man had taken a photo of the suspect while the two were in his truck and shared the image with police.

At least three people have reported this scam recently to police. However, detectives believe more people have been scammed and are too embarrassed to report it.

TTPD Detective Warren Smith is investigating this incident and would like to hear from anyone who was scammed in this or a similar scheme.

Anyone with information should call 903-798-3170 or 903-798-3116.

Print Headline: Police warn shoppers of scam at home improvement stores


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