EDITORIAL/Santa Store: You can help make Christmas wish come true for needy kids

(Gazette file photo by Danielle Dupree)
(Gazette file photo by Danielle Dupree)

Many readers are old enough to remember that days before online shopping when a highlight of the holiday season was the arrival of the Sears Christmas Catalog.

There were other holiday catalogs, of course. JC Penney had one, as did Montgomery Ward. On the high end, Neiman Marcus was well known for the elaborate -- and outrageously expensive -- offerings in its Christmas catalog.

But for a kid, the Sears "wishbook" was something special. Huge, with hundreds and hundreds of pages. A good many of those pages were devoted to toys. All kinds of toys. Toys we wanted.

We couldn't have them all, of course. But it was possible we might get a one or two or even three under the tree on Christmas morning. We knew we would get something.

But there were kids then, and there are kids now, for whom any kid of wishbook just represents an impossible dream. They can look and they can want, but that's all. Their family finances are barely enough to cover basic necessities. There's no room in the budget for toys.

Here in Texarkana, Domestic Violence Prevention Inc. is trying to change that with their annual Santa Store. They hope to raise at least $30,000 to buy toys and make Christmas a bit brighter for around 300 area children in need.

If you can, drop off a new, unwrapped toy or a cash donation at their office, 424 Spruce Street in Downtown Texarkana, by December 15.

Because every child should have at least one wish come true at Christmas.

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