EDITORIAL/Giving Tuesday: Annual event a caring aalternative to post-Thanksgiving shopping frenzy

Many of us gave thanks on Thursday as we gathered around the turkey and trimmings.

Thanks for a home, family, good things to eat. The everyday blessings that too many of us take for granted.

Now comes the opportunity to transform your gratitude into action.

This is Giving Tuesday, which is set aside to show the power of "radical generosity" in our communities.

The idea is we give what we can to any charity or community organization that inspires us. And it's not just money -- though, of course, that always helps further good works. Indeed, many charities are offering matching donations today so your dollars will have a greater impact. About $3.1 billion was raised last year for Giving Tuesday. That funded a lot of good.

But it can also be our time through volunteering, helping a older neighbor with shopping, yard work or home repairs, bring lunch or some other treat to show appreciation to police, firefighters, health care workers and others who impact our lives.

It can even be something as simple as a kind word, a bit of encouragement or shoulder to cry on to someone who needs it.

The idea is that everyone can give something. Even those without much time or money to spare.What better way to show just how thankful you really are?

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