EDITORIAL/Not Soon Enough: It's past time for Santos to be ousted from Congress

Will House Republicans finally vote to expel the embarassment known as U.S. Rep. George Santos?

The answer is most likely, now that he's more of a liability than a political asset.

Santos, a Republican from New York, has been controversial since he was first elected in 2022 and it was reported he had falsified details about his life and background, including his religion, education, charitable activities and work history.

Things only got worse when reports surfaced of shaky financial dealings, including alleged misuse of campaign funds.

In May, Santos was indicted in federal court on 13 criminal charges related to campaign finance fraud, unemployment benefits fraud and making false statements to Congress. He pleaded not guilty. Later an additional 10 counts were added to the indictment.

This month, the Republican-led House Ethics Committee released a scathing report on Santos, listing allegations he used campaign funds to live a lavish lifestyle, spending on vacations, luxury goods, plastic surgery and even subscriptions of OnlyFans sites.

Through all his problems, Santos had a reluctant ally in former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who at least twice rebuffed efforts to force his resignation. McCarthy and some Republicans were reportedly fearful of losing even one vote in their slim House majority. Santos even survived two formal efforts to oust him, the last on November 1.

But now, after the release of the Ethics Committee report and a motion filed Tuesday to remove Santos from office, it looks like even his own party understands it's time for him to go.

In our view, way past time,

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