VOTE 2024 | Miller County District 4 Justice of the Peace

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What are the key issues facing Miller County today?

Overseeing the county's money

Do you feel the state does enough to support rural counties like Miller?

I think the State Does a Good Job for Us .

Attitudes on the quorum court have been combative at several meetings. Why is this? Do you feel these sorts of attitudes are conducive to good governance?

We had 5 New JP's and They Need to Start Working Together For the County !!

How will you support businesses and development in Miller County?

I have always tried to Help Businesses and Development in Miller County !! I voted to Help Buy Land for Development When I was a JP 3 yrs ago .

What is your opinion of how Miller County has used and plans to use federal pandemic recovery and infrastructure funds?

I Question Some of it But The County Judge Has the Final say so !!!


Could not be reached for comment.

photo Carl B. Standridge, candidate for Miller County District 4 Justice of the Peace (Gazette file photo)

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