Alleged LCB gang member pleads guilty to money laundering; Bowie County jury will decide punishment

Van Grissom
Van Grissom

NEW BOSTON, Texas -- The alleged leader of a local gang has pleaded guilty to engaging in an organized criminal activity for money, a charge commonly known as money laundering.

Van DMarcreus Grissom, 34, pleaded guilty Tuesday in Bowie County's 202nd District Court. Jurors will decide Grissom's punishment and began hearing testimony on Wednesday. Punishment could be anywhere from 15 to 99 years or life in prison.

The jury is expected to hear testimony that members of the gang, Loyalty Cash Business, hired men from other cities to commit murders in Texarkana.

First Assistant District Attorney Kelley Crisp is prosecuting the case. Grissom is represented by attorney Heath Hyde, according to court documents.

An 18-month police investigation into alleged violent criminal activity by the LCB/I-30 Cartel gang in the Texarkana area resulted in a number of arrests, including Grissom's, in June 2022. The extensive investigation has involved the Texas Department of Public Safety, Bowie County District Attorney's Office and Federal Bureau of Investigation.

As Texarkana Texas Police Department detectives investigated the 2020 murder of Jermaine Aldridge in the parking lot of the local Chili's restaurant, they reportedly discovered Aldridge's killing was a murder-for-hire plot involving the LCB gang. Detectives also determined that the murder was actually part of a much larger series of criminal acts by LCB/I-30 Cartel members.

Investigators think the LCB/I-30 Cartel gang is formed by members of local gangs working together to further their drug business interests. The gang allegedly formed business, including I-30 Cartel entertainment and trucking companies, to make it appear the money made from selling drugs came from legitimate means, according to court records.

Another LCB defendant, Cedric Alexander, is charged with capital murder by terroristic threat and engaging in organized criminal activity. He is scheduled for trial in March in Bowie County 5th District Court, according to court records.

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