VOTE 2024 | Miller County District 9 Justice of the Peace

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What are the key issuing facing Miller County?

BM: The closing of the JDC has had a major impact on Miller County, as there isn't enough room across the state to house our juveniles, leading to serious criminals being let go with only a summons to court. Additionally, there is a significant issue with transparency in the county, further complicating matters. Residents of Miller County should know exactly what will be discussed at every meeting. Too often a agenda is released but at the meeting they add several other more important issues that the public isn't aware of.

Do you feel the state does enough to support rural Miller County?

BM: I believe the State of Arkansas does its best to support Rural Miller County, addressing the issues we present to them effectively. As far as I'm aware, the county has received all the grants it has applied for from the state. However, I do wish more could be done with the border city exemption: extending it to cover the entire county, not just those within the city limits of Texarkana, would be beneficial.

Attitudes on the Quorum Court have been combative at several meetings. Why is this? So you think these attitudes are conductive to good governance?

BM: The combative attitudes on the Quorum Court at several meetings stem from members who seem to have forgotten that they are elected to represent their district, not their own personal agenda. There is a lack of listening and too much demanding, which I find concerning. I don't believe these attitudes are conducive to good governance. It is essential for the Quorum Court to respectfully listen to each other's needs without bias and work together to find solutions that are in the best interest of the county.

How Would I support local business and development in Miller County?

BM: I would support local business and development in Miller County by actively seeking ways to attract new businesses while also providing support for the established ones to help them thrive. Given the current challenges with inflation, it is crucial to find ways to be more helpful rather than hurtful to everyone in the community. This could involve exploring incentives, streamlining regulations, providing resources for growth, and fostering a supportive environment for entrepreneurship and innovation.

photo Byron Myers, candidate for District 9 Justice of the Peace

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