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If the former mayor of a small Southwest Arkansas town doesn't collect 17 months of alleged back pay by Thursday she will to sue the city, documents show.

Renee Ikegulu-Harris, former mayor of Bradley, Ark., intends to file a lawsuit to collect $10,200, according to City Council documents and a letter of intent.

Renee Ikegulu-Harris intends to file a lawsuit against the city to collect $10,200 in back pay, according to council documents and a letter of intent.

"I don't think anyone would want to work for free 'unless you're a nonprofit organization but in this case it's a paid elected position and it should be rightly so returned," Ikegulu-Harris said.

The former mayor is represented by the Lisle Rutledge Law Firm of Springdale, Ark.

Ikegulu-Harris was defeated by 9 votes in the election for a second term, losing to Jason Martin, 72-63.

The attorney representing the former mayor is Jason Jouett. He declined to comment about the potential lawsuit, as did Bradley City Attorney Jacob Potter and Mayor Martin.

Ikegulu-Harris alleges she was not paid for 17 months as mayor—a total of $10,200—initially because the city was not in a financial position to pay her at the time, according to the Dec. 13, 2018, council minutes. She alleges she was not receiving her $600 monthly salary until the city's finances were in the black as recorded and agreed upon by all the council members at the time.

Ikegulu-Harris and her attorneys are requesting the full payment be mailed to their office no later than Thursday.

"Alderman Gladney Hunt expressed his deepest thank you to Mayor Ikegulu-Harris for the work she's done as the mayor and truly understands her position to request pay at this time," according to the Dec. 13, 2018, minutes.

The minutes show Alderman Shalene Staggs asked the mayor, "If the City cannot pay you what will happen next?"

"Mayor Ikegulu-Harris replied that she will move forward to sue for her $10,200 and more," according to the council minutes.

The minutes also recorded the comments from a council member and the former mayor.

"Alderman Hunt wanted to express his deepest regards again for Mayor Ikegulu-Harris and how much he is thankful again for her and all the positive things that she has done for the city of Bradley, like the summer feeding program for the children, the Bradley City Park, commodities for all the citizens of Bradley and how hard she has worked to get the city out of debt and back on its feet from the previous administration," the minutes said.

"Alderman Hunt said he didn't want to see her go and that he and other citizens were and are very proud of her."

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