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Dear Readers: Want to do something a little different for guests when you're serving them coffee? Try my "Coffee Olé." It's easy and takes very little time. Make a regular cup of coffee and add a little extra milk — regular or skim — and a tablespoon of powdered milk. Add a little sugar or artificial sweetener to taste. Put this mixture in the blender and blend until foamy. Then microwave in a microwavable cup for a few seconds, and ole, a steaming cup of delicious coffee!

This easy-to-make treat is found in my pamphlet "Heloise's Flavored Coffees and Teas." To get a copy, visit or send $3 with a long, self-addressed, stamped (70 cents) envelope to Heloise/Coffees & Teas, P.O. Box 795001, San Antonio, TX 78279-5001.

Did you know that Finland ranks as the country with the highest number of coffee drinkers? They consume about 10 cups a day on average per person and are followed by Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, France and Italy. The United States ranks eighth with Americans drinking an average of three cups a day. — Heloise


Whisk Cleaning

Dear Heloise: When I removed my whisk from the dishwasher, I noticed food still stuck on the wires. I tried an idea my sister suggested. I boiled the whisk with some baking soda (about 2 tablespoons full), and it came out as clean as a whistle! — Katie in California


Hard Water Blues

Dear Heloise: This is for the reader in a recent column regarding hard water residue. Put 2 cups of white vinegar in the bottom of your dishwasher. Fill the top of the dishwasher with all of your glassware. Run a regular cycle. Glasses will turn out crystal clear and so will the dishwasher. — Barbara in Virginia


A Fresh Idea

Dear Heloise: I store all my leftovers in bowls with plastic lids, but somehow the food doesn't seem to stay as fresh as it should. Is there something I can do to help the food stay fresh while using these bowls? — Sherrie in Illinois

Sherrie, the lids on many plastic bowls do not seal as tight as they should. Just take a piece of plastic wrap, one that's large enough to cover the entire surface of the bowl, and place it over the bowl before you put the lid on. This gives a much better seal. — Heloise


Cookie Gifting

Dear Heloise: I buy prewashed lettuce in those large plastic containers. After the lettuce is gone, I wash and dry the containers thoroughly and save them to use during the holidays when I bake batches and batches of cookies to give out to neighbors and friends. They hold the perfect number of cookies, can be decorated with a simple ribbon and don't have to be returned to me. I'm saving money and reusing plastic. — Velma in Ohio

Velma, this is a great idea, and, actually, a considerate one. Not only are you recycling, but your cookie recipients don't have to worry about returning a plate. — Heloise


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