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The three biggest sports to me are baseball, football and basketball.

I enjoy each of these sports and hope they will always continue throughout American history. But do you ever feel like we are due for a new sport?

A form of baseball was played by soldiers in the Civil War, and Major League Baseball was established in 1903. Abner Doubleday gets credit for inventing the sport in 1869 — 151 years ago.

One reason baseball and softball make great high school sports is that major injuries aren't common. These two sports are non-contact, for the most part, so it makes a good, safe sport for youngsters.

The National Football League came to be in 1920. The first college football game was played on Nov. 6, 1869 and featured Rutgers against New Jersey (later known as Princeton). Rutgers won, 6-4, and the game was played differently from how it is played today.

College football is 151 years old, and professional football is 100 years old. I respect and enjoy the history of football, and I hope that it is always around. I support the many rule changes that have made football a safer sport for the players.

A new sport could involve new athletes who do not play baseball, football or basketball. It could also draw in new fans who do not like the three big sports. I like all three, but I am sure there are people who do not care for any of it. In this technological age with children not getting the exercise they need, something fresh would be, well, refreshing.

Basketball was invented in 1891 — 129 years ago — by James Naismith. I like basketball for high schoolers. It is a very safe sport and it's entertaining. The pace is good but could be improved by the advent of a shot clock.

The big three sports go back an average of 143.6 years. I feel like a new sport is due that will draw in new athletes and fans. People are always coming up with new sports, but none have ever grown to the popularity of baseball, football or basketball.

I realize that it is a difficult endeavor to invent a sport that will have long-lasting appeal. I am willing to take a consolation on the new sport idea with the growing popularity of an old sport here in America.

Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the United States. I support the sport of lacrosse being played in Texas and Arkansas high schools, because it has a low injury rate.

The premise of lacrosse is for players to carry, pass, catch and shoot in a ball, which is held in the head of the lacrosse stick, into a goal. It is basic, involves good exercise and the pace is good.

The future of sports is exciting, and I hope someone can have the vision to come up with a new sport that will appeal to many people across different walks of life.

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