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Sometimes it feels like my daughter is about to run out of things to do at home amid the coronavirus pandemic.
I have to come up with some new things that she can do to stay active. Just recently my wife and I played a hula hoop toss game with her. She got two throws, we each got a throw and whoever had the most distance won the game.
It is imperative to continue to make sure that children get exercise during this COVID-19 period. My daughter does a lot of lounging around the house. I mean, hey, we are in a digital age, and she likes to FaceTime with friends, watch movies and play games on the iPad.
Even though the digital world offers these activities, and she has fun doing them, my wife and I have to remember that it is important that she remains physically active.
Parents can take their children out for walks around the neighborhood while still maintaining social distancing. For more safety, wear a mask. Not all can walk around the neighborhood, so parents may need to take the children out to the backyard.
I am not in shape, but I will always try to race my daughter in the backyard. I might end up huffing and puffing, but I know it is fun for her. I believe it is very important to make exercising fun.
Another thing I came up with was an obstacle course inside the house. We have a big open area in house that was perfect for my course. If a parent does not have space in the house, they can take the course outside. All three of us ran the course and we timed it. The person with the fastest time won. We ran the course multiple times and kept up with the course-record time. It was fun, and my daughter got some good exercise.
The brain works best when there is regular physical activity. The brain needs physical activity to stay healthy. Also, if the child is having trouble sleeping, exercise promotes better sleep.
Some other good practices include planning the physical activity, setting a goal of at least 60 minutes of exercise per day and giving a child a choice between more than one thing to do. Children like having a choice.
Children also need to go outside. Many teenagers and young children are staying inside all day long. Being outside boosts the immune system, helps toward healthy emotional and cognitive development, improves sensory skills and helps widen the attention span.
My grandfather, Joe Ray, gave me some great advice back in 2013 when my daughter was little. He told me to let her play outside, in the dirt and in the mud. He told me that it would help prevent nervous breakdowns and that it was good for her mind. Thank you grandpa; you were right.

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