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Being locked down at the house has been more bearable with badminton in my life.

It isn't fancy or considered cool, but badminton is one of my favorite sports to play. I have been playing badminton for about 32 years. My mom and dad taught me how to play when I was eight years old. I have not played the sport for 32 years straight but rather off and on.

Anyone can purchase a badminton set for around $50, and it comes with everything needed to play. The set includes a net, poles, stakes, badminton rackets and birdies. Birdies are to badminton as a tennis ball is to tennis. Tennis is a more difficult sport, in my opinion. Yes, I have played both sports.

The cool thing about a badminton net is that it can be used for volleyball. Young children can learn both sports without having to switch the net out.

Growing up I played baseball, basketball, golf and tennis. The backyard sports I played were badminton and volleyball. I can still remember matches played out in the grass to this day.

I played against my dad, mom and sisters. My whole family was competitive, and my play reached a point in which I was willing to dive for shots. I rarely defeated my dad or mom when I was young, but as the years went by I could defeat them.

I had gotten pretty good and could beat any member of my immediate family. About ten years ago, my sister Angela was in town, and we decided to play badminton with mom. After I defeated both of them, I made a challenge.

I let them play on the same side, and I played with my opposite hand (left). I am somewhat ambidextrous, and I won the match.

My point with all of these memories, is just that—badminton created great memories. Badminton is fun and is a good way to get exercise. I am not one to like lifting weights or doing mundane exercises. I exercise best when I am having fun.

Badminton is also a great way for parents to spend time with their children. It also helps with hand-eye coordination, metabolic rate, coordination and reflexes.

For recreation and exercise, it is good to choose badminton. Grab a set and go have some fun.

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