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The National Collegiate Athletic Association laid out a plan to reopen college athletics on Friday, by June 8.

"As the rates of infection and death from COVID-19 have recently declined or stabilized in some areas

of the country, many states have established plans for re-socialization, and there is an increasing

dialogue about the need to balance the economic and other benefits of re-socialization and reopening

with the need to protect society from the public health consequences of the ongoing spread of COVID-19," the NCAA said in a statement.

Per, the NCAA generated $867.53 million dollars in 2019 from its television and marketing rights fees.

The NCAA topped the $1 billion dollar in revenue plateau in 2016-2017.

The NCAA is a business and the plans to start back up athletics shows that.

"The decision to reopen college campuses and resume sport is part of this balance and is not binary in

nature. Rather, it involves a complex combination of objectives that speak to decreasing harm,

maximizing the number of lives saved, and improving overall quality of life for American citizens," the NCAA said. "While some

stakeholders have embraced the idea of planning for the reopening of collegiate sports, others have questioned whether it would be better to

simply wait until there is no longer a threat from COVID-19. The fact is that, at this time, we do not know how long COVID-19 will remain as

a threat and, based on currently available data, it is conceivable that the SARS-CoV-2 virus will remain endemic with the number of new

cases in society continuing to fluctuate over the next year or even longer. A re-socialization plan that attempts to properly balance the public

health considerations through the identification and implementation of appropriate safeguards provides an alternative to shutting down

society and sport indefinitely."

The United States is also in a reopening phase. In America, there have been 1.78 million confirmed cases of coronavirus, while the death toll has reached over 104,000.

In the end, we're going to have to get back to our lives. With everything going on in the country's social climate, now is the best time as any to get ourselves back to normalcy.

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