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The summer fun season has pretty much come to an end — though the temperatures may make one think otherwise.

School started Monday for Liberty-Eylau and Pleasant Grove students. Classes begin tomorrow in Texarkana, Texas, and on the Arkansas side. That means youngsters from pre-school to high school are heading back to classes while their older brothers and sisters are heading off to college.

That also means it's time for those of us who drive near schools to take special care behind the wheel.

Some rules about driving in school zones have been on the books for years and years. We all know to stop for crosswalk guards. And we all know that when a school bus has its flashing lights on, we are required to stop. It's not just the law, but vital for keeping children safe. Yet there are drivers who ignore this basic traffic rule.

We all know that speed limits are much lower around schools, especially when children are present. Yes, it's annoying—no one likes to crawl along at 15-20 miles per hour. But again, there is a reason. Still, it's not uncommon to see drivers speeding through school zones.

These days, though, it's not just the old rules we have to be aware of. Technology has brought a whole new set of problems that could prove deadly anywhere on the road, but especially when children are walking around and not always paying attention.

Using a cellphone or texting while driving is just plain dumb anywhere, but it's especially so in a school zone. Anything that distracts a driver in a school zone is a bad idea. That's just common sense.

It's illegal, too, and can carry a heavy fine — if you need any more incentive.

While all motorists are tasked with driving safely, it's a good idea for parents to teach their children basic safety rules as well and keep reinforcing those rules. Too often when a tragedy happens it's because both the driver and the child weren't paying proper attention or following safety rules.

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