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As long as they spell your name right.

That's long been the philosophy in some quarters regarding publicity. It doesn't much matter if the story is good or bad, it gets your brand out and into the public eye. Some might hate you but some will love you. And even those who hate will forget why in a few weeks—and still remember your name.

Down in Katy, Texas, not too far from Houston, a gun store and shooting range seems to be embracing that idea. Not too long ago, the national chain Dick's Sporting Goods announced its store would no longer sell "assault style" weapons. The Boyert Shooting Center responded with whimsical and slightly risqué signage to let their customers know AR-15s and the like were still on the shelves.

Now the store is drawing a lot of attention—and a lot of heat—by holding a "back-to-school" firearms sale, promising up to 50% off on guns—just in time for classes to resume.

Needless to say, some folks are outraged. And we can see how many would find the sale in bad taste.

The store says the sale is a way of showing appreciation to educators. Maybe so. But it's also getting them some free publicity.

Bottom line? This kind of thing isn't worth getting worked up about. If you don't like some store's advertising stunt, ignore it and take your dollars elsewhere. Making a fuss will likely do little but make the cash registers ring.

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