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Many will recall the Greek comedy "Lysistrata" from high school or college literature classes.

Written by Aristophanes and dating back to 411 BC, it's the story of a woman—the eponymous Lysistrata—who persuades women from both sides of the Peloponnesian War to withhold sex from their men as a way to end the combat.

Actress Alyssa Milano must be familiar with the play. Last week she took to Twitter, urging women to abstain from sex as a way of combating legislation against legal abortion.

"Our reproductive rights are being erased. Until women have legal control over our own bodies we just cannot risk pregnancy. JOIN ME by not having sex until we get bodily autonomy back. I'm calling for a #SexStrike. Pass it on," she tweeted Saturday.

She isn't finding women as receptive to her cause as did Lysistrata.

Indeed, the backlash on social media seems to be coming as much from progressive and left-leaning pro-choice supporters as from conservatives.

Milano has been accused of bringing back the old stereotype that sex is a "bargaining chip" for women. And that such a campaign enforces the view that women are just here to provide men with sexual pleasure.

In other words, things aren't turning out like she hoped.

Abortion is a controversial issue in our country. There are those on both sides who are passionate and committed to their cause. There's really no room for stunts like this in such an important debate. And it looks like many folks—even women in the pro-choice camp—agree.

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