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Well, the idea of Democrats abandoning the investigation into President Donald Trump and Russian interference in the 2016 election—even though Special Counsel Robert Mueller found no collusion—is probably not going to happen.

And now the Republicans are joining in.

On Monday the Associated Press, FOX News and other major news outlets reported Attorney General Bill Barr had assigned a U.S. attorney to probe into the origins of the Russia investigation and whether attempts to gather information on the Trump campaign were legal and aboveboard.

Barr reportedly named U.S. Attorney John Durham from Connecticut to head up the investigation.

No doubt many of the president's supporters will see this as a "turnabout is fair play" situation and say the Democrats are getting what they deserve.

We can't agree.

Both Democrats and Republicans need to get back to the business of running America and dispense with the obsession of running down the other side.

This new investigation won't help make that happen.

And we would like to see the administration take the high ground here and show some leadership toward that goal. President Trump might not make a dent in Democrats' resolve, but he could influence those in his own party. That's would help all their candidates in 2020.

We aren't talking about the schoolyard here. This is our government.

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