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With the arrival of fall there is one thing many area residents are eagerly anticipating — deer season.

Yes indeed, hunting is big around these parts. Really big.

It's a family tradition for many, a way of life handed down through generations. There's the venison that comes with a successful kill, of course. But there is more. Recreation mixed with camaraderie along with a healthy respect for nature.

It just makes sense, then, that many hunters take a real interest in conservation and making sure deer herds are healthy and prolific.

But could some be doing more harm than good despite good intentions?

Maybe so, according to the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission.

This week the commission warned that deer corn, a popular food often set out for deer, isn't very good for the animals at all.

For one thing corn doesn't have the nutritional value deer need. And it can cause digestive issues.

Also, commercially sold deer corn doesn't have to meet the same standards as corn used for human or livestock consumption. That means there is a risk of contamination.

The commission urges those who leave feed for deer to instead plant natural vegetation that is better for the deer and offers more complete nutrition.

The AGFC is offering to help landowners do just that. Visit their website at for more information.

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