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Texas Republican Party Chairman Lt. Col. Allen West has endorsed a proposal to let the voters decide whether the Lone Star State should secede from the U.S. and form its own nation.

Late last month, state Rep. Kyle Biederman, a Republican from the Hill Country, filed the Texas Independence Referendum Act (HB 1359) to put the question to Texans.

He took to Twitter to make the announcement.

"Today, I filed HB 1359, the Texas Independence Referendum Act. For decades, the promises of America & our individual liberties have been eroding. Now is the time for the People of Texas to have the right to decide their own future," he wrote.

The bill wouldn't immediately lead to a "Texit" but would set up a legislative committee to develop a plan to make it happen.

West did not say he supported secession itself, but said in a Thursday video on the party's official YouTube channel that Texans have a right to decide the matter with their vote and that we'll see what happens. He also repeated the myth that Texas has a state constitutional right to secede if it so chooses.

The question of whether Texas can legally secede on its own has already been answered by the U.S. Supreme Court in Texas v. White. And that answer is no. The ruling nullified any state constitutional language giving a secession option. That doesn't stop those who support Texit from repeating the myth as fact, though.

So it doesn't matter whether Texans vote on secession. It's not going to happen. And thankfully, most of the state's lawmakers know that. But the idea that the state's GOP chairman should give even the slightest credence to such an idea is disturbing to say the least. West, a popular if controversial figure, should have come out strongly against such a radical and worthless idea — and the movement behind it.

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