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It's often been said the reason the Texas Legislature only meets every two years is to limit the mischief lawmakers can get up to.

A lot of truth in that.

On Thursday in this space, we talked about a casino company's big-money push to legalize casino gambling and sports betting in the Lone Star State.

Now let's look at legislation designed to protect big trucking companies at the expense of ordinary Texans.

House Bill 19 would require plaintiffs injured to demonstrate "gross negligence" on the part of a trucking company to file a lawsuit when a company employee is at fault in an accident resulting in injury or death. If the plaintiff can't meet that high bar, the driver alone is considered responsible.

Supporters say the proposal protects against frivolous litigation. Foes say it deprives accident victims and their families of their day in court and gives trucking companies almost a free pass.

We tend to side with the foes.

It puts up a pretty big barrier for accident victims seeking justice. It leaves truck driver hanging in the wind, too. The only ones who benefit — and benefit big — are trucking companies and maybe lawmakers when campaign donation season rolls around.

The bill intrudes on what should be a matter for Texas jurors, who we think are smart enough to decide what's what in cases like these — without any "guidance" from the Legislature.

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