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Well, here it is. The unofficial beginning of the summer season.

Memorial Day weekend.

This afternoon, many will be heading off to a lake or river for some rest and relaxation, some swimming or boating, perhaps some fishing and grilling.

Probably just as many will be content to stay at home.

There are a lot of ways to enjoy the weekend. And while many will relax with ice tea or a soft drink, for some folks alcohol will play a part in the festivities.

And that's fine. Adults can make their own decisions about such things.

But there is another decision to consider — knowing when you have had enough.

Especially if you are driving,

The police will be out in force through the weekend. They will be looking for those who party too much and get behind the wheel.

So if you include adult beverages in your weekend fun, don't let the good times and liquid courage dull your senses and lead you into believing you are safe to drive. You aren't.

You could wind up behind bars, facing a hefty fine, drivers' license suspension and much higher insurance rates.

And that's if you are lucky. You might end up in the hospital. Or the morgue. Or you might send someone else to one of the two.

If you drink, call a cab or designate a driver who doesn't indulge.

Or else you might miss all the good times the summer brings.

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