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In Psalm 11, the writer posed this question. "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?" It would seem that in these very dishonored American times perhaps we should revisit that age olbd question in the interest of a brutally honest reality check. Indeed, what are we doing to the foundations which sustain us as a people, what are we quietly allowing others to do to them, and what options will be left, even to conscientious people, should our national foundations be entirely destroyed.

For example, what are we doing when we elect people whose ambition is not a sincere and limited term of service to their country, but who desire a career by which their country serves them for a life time? And, what are we doing when we carelessly allow them to disappear down the "rabbit hole" that is Washington D.C. and do next nothing to solve our nation's problems and enable her aspirations.

On this very day, with our southern border at grave risk, our immigration laws in shambles, our law enforcement officers being openly challenged in the streets by anarchists and hoodlums, our free speech being threatened by ideological militants at our political rallies, in our universities, in our corrupt press, and in social media—nevertheless—Congress is on a six week vacation.

Every day now, our country is being further divided, not by legitimate differences or grievances, but by ideological spin doctors and pot stirrers merely looking for political advantage and personal profit at great expense to the nation's cohesion and social health—nevertheless—Congress is on a six week vacation. And sadly, their presently undetectable approval rating would seem to indicate that most of us now actually prefer them on vacation instead of coming into what they call "work" (politically corrupt investigations and leisurely lunches).

The foundations of a strong and healthy republic are its just laws, its truly ethical people, its unity, and its sovereignty. May God help us to newly embrace and passionately defend these foundations now, before the viability of our American ideals entirely perishes with them.

Larry Burnett

Texarkana, Ark.

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