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Recently, the world's second greatest athlete (sorry, LeBron, No. 1 is gymnast Simone Biles) states "It's tough being black in America."

LeBron James, you are correct. Why does a person's race have to be on one's birth certificate anyway? When the word "black" goes on it a life of black folks trying to live in a world of white man's injustice begins. Especially for young black men. "Your honor, I sure thought that glow-in-the-dark cell phone looked like an AK-47! My bad."

Notice when DNA clears a person who has been in jail for 40 years he is always black?

My best friend is a young beautiful black woman. She always says "what is done in the dark will eventually come out in the light. President Thomas Jefferson was a white baby daddy. He fathered lots of bi-racial kids with young black girls, I was proud to have supported the first black president Barack Obama. None of my white men friends would ever admit they did. The black populations is 10 percent. I don't think I was the only one so there must be a lot of lying whites out there,

The KKK does their work in the dark. Why do they wear hoods? Ashamed of it?

Name me one black woman who killed her kids. Can you? Some of many whites were Andrea Yates in Houston. Drowned her four. Susan Smith who drove hers into a lake and said a black man hijacked her car.

I'm a landlord and in 30 years 12 kids were taken away from abusive parents. Guess the color: whites 12, blacks 0.

LeBron you are known as "the king" and rightly so. But I bet you answered to some white man above you. All black folks answer to white folks. LeBron you can keep your millions. I would never trade places with you. Ever.

Joe Kilgore

Texarkana, Texas

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