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The solution


By God's good grace I have survived 72 years on this planet. In all those years I have never seen our country as divided as it is today.

I mean, of course, the division between liberals and conservatives. This letter is not meant to fan the flames of separation so I will not favor one side or the other. What the letter is meant to do is bring both sides together against a common foe that is the reason for the separation and, also, the cure for it. The common foe is our lawmaking body, the Congress.

They bicker back and forth, letting their constituents think they are fighting for the people. In reality they do not want to change much at all. The reasons are simple: Power and money. They have both and do not want to relinquish either. They don't care about fixing our problems as long as they can stay in office.

They have more power than any small group in the world and have set up a system of perks and prestige that benefits them far beyond the common people. And they have money thanks to lobbyists. Most of their money comes from lobbyists. How do I know this? Check congressmen's money when they first get elected and compare it to when they retire. How did they become multimillionaires while in office. Lobbyists buy votes! If you or I tried that we would be thrown in jail for bribery. Congressmen's votes are for sale to highest bidder. There could be a few honest ones, but who knows?

The solution is TERM LIMITS for Congress. I know what you are thinking. Congress makes laws so they will never incorporate term limits, No they won't — by themselves. But there are a lot more of us than them. We can get term limits. We have to demand it. We voted these bozos into office and we can sure vote them out. There are two questions we need to ask candidates for office. 1) Are you in favor of term limits? 2) will you vote for term limits when a bill is introduced? Some will lie, but we will remember.

How do we do it? The Internet allows us to reach nearly everyone in America. I plan to start wearing T-shirts that say "TERM LIMITS." Let's get busy! Let's make term limits our goal.

Steve Sharp

Simms, Texas

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