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America, have you not noticed? You are definitely headed in the wrong direction. Just look at how things are going. Think about the stress you're feeling from all the painful issues that now daily intrude upon your peace of mind. And, consider how little control you have over any of it. Let's face it, my friend, you're feeling an emotional and circumstantial squeeze that is getting tighter and tighter every day. And, here's the simple truth of it all. You are experiencing the unwanted and the unintended, now, simply because you made a wrong turn earlier in believing a stupid, but pleasant sounding, lie. And this is that really stupid lie, "I am my own best hope for personal fulfillment in this life."

How arrogant can you be, America? Do you really believe that you can control the absolute randomness of this life? Do you really think, that in this highly competitive existence, there is not always somebody out there who can best you and defeat your dreams to substantiate their own? Is it really possible that you are such a "Superman" that nothing totally devastating can touch you? Dr. Phil might say at this point, "Well, how is all of that working for you, Superman?"

Obviously, not so good, it would seem. The politicians you hired to protect you and look out for your interests are now just mostly looking out for their own. The "corona pig" is on your back every day. Your way of life is becoming less and less virtuous and more and more violent. Your national and personal finances are in danger of collapsing on any given day without warning. The goods and services you once took for granted are now sporadically available at best. And the social and political ground under your feet is now quacking with explosive pressure.

Maybe it's time to quit kidding yourself, America. Indeed, you are not your own best hope in this life — Christ is. Maybe it's now time to climb down off your game playing high-horse, ask His forgiveness, and start again — this time genuinely guiding on Him.

Larry Burnett

Texarkana, Arkansas

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