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In the last few weeks we've seen the positive steps that our nation had taken to not only hold other countries accountable but to improve our own way of life be destroyed out of hated and spite! It's beyond me how so many people could have thought that the slogan "Put America First" was so offensive!

But then you have to look at the over-all plan that is being established before our eyes! And that plan is government control; in other words, socialism. This is where the government has ownership of all and controls the means of distribution of goods. The government can and will dictate what the people will get and do and say!

The plan starts with the destruction of our fundamental rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. Let's start with the Freedom of Speech. We are being told that we should not have an opinion and that our beliefs don't matter. And to tell the truth about something is wrong. I believe they call this "political correctness." They want a society dumb and mute to all matters.

Next, let's look at our right to life and liberty. The real and true Americans have earned this right unlike those people that just show up and receive all the benefits for doing nothing! I believe they call this "justice!"

Next, let's look at our right to pursue happiness. Our dreams of a Christian life is being destroyed each day. It has become sinful to accumulate wealth through hard work and to build a better life for your family and loved ones. This right is now reserved for the so called leaders of our nation who have power (politicians and those folks that kiss their tails each and every day.)

The things that we believe in will be taken away. The Good Book has become the Bad Book. The Constitution will be re-written. The heart, character, integrity, moral fiber of our nation will be ripped out, piece by piece. If the God-fearing people and those folks that have some intelligence don't rise up, it will be too late for our grandchildren. Our democracy has become an Ineptocracy! The meaning to "inept" is to be incompetent, foolish, and unfit to lead! Open your eyes! It's coming!

Ben Scharnberg

Atlanta, Texas

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