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I was dismayed to learn that Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin would not seek the office of Governor of Arkansas. I was hoping that someone, in addition to Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, would oppose Sarah Huckabee Sanders in her quest for the post. Mrs. Sanders is endorsed by Donald Trump who has shown that he is dishonest and a danger to the democracy of this nation. Anyone associated with him, or takes his endorsement, should not be considered for the office of Governor of Arkansas.

Donald Trump's lies about the general election, led to the riots at the Capitol building on January 6 of this year. Over 450,000 people are dead because of his mishandling of the COVID crisis and his constant downplaying and ignoring the facts of the pandemic. The economy, once going strong, is in shambles. I'm afraid Sarah Huckabee Sanders would be more of the same type of leadership, or lack thereof, that Mr. Trump exhibited. We need a fresh face in the Arkansas Capitol, not more of the same hatred and divisiveness that pervaded the Trump administration.

I believe it is really crucial that she be defeated. If Sarah Huckabee Sanders can be defeated in Arkansas, as "red" a state as there is in the United States, then it will send a clear message to the American people all over the country, that Donald Trump's brand of politics is not welcome anymore. I'm not asking you to vote Democratic. Just don't vote for Sanders. Don't vote for lies and deceit. Don't vote for divisiveness.

The country will be watching the election in 2022 closely. We cannot afford to forget the tragic events of January 6 2021. Let's show the rest of the country that we in Arkansas cherish our freedom over the cult of personality that is Donald Trump.

Randy Mauldin

Texarkana, Arkansas

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