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With the Fourth of July coming up this weekend you can be sure of one thing — fireworks.

Many love fireworks and consider them harmless fun. While setting off fireworks is illegal within the city limits on both sides of the state line, it doesn't seem to deter those who enjoy pyrotechnics.

However, others see fireworks as more of a menace. They argue that the loud noise can affect people with certain medical conditions and traumatize pets. And they point out that fireworks pose a fire threat.

The sheer volume of fireworks on holidays like July 4 and New Year's Eve mean the police have a tough time enforcing the law. Fireworks fans argue the police have better things to do and that holiday fireworks should be legal or at least tolerated. But foes want the ban enforced.

We want to know what you think? Should the cities allow fireworks for special holidays like July 4 and New Year's Eve? Should they remain illegal inside city limits? Should police enforce the ban more stringently or penalties be increased?

Send your response (50 words maximum) to [email protected] by Wednesday, July 7. You can also mail your response to the Texarkana Gazette Friday Poll, at P.O. Box 621, Texarkana, TX 75504 or drop it off at our office, 101 E. Broad St., Texarkana, Ark. Be sure to include your name, address and phone number. We will print as many responses as we can in next Friday's paper.

Last Week: Politics or Purpose?

Last week's question was about Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's announcement that the state will build a wall along the border with Mexico. Will Texas realistically be able to finance and build a border wall? Should the state be doing so? Or is this just a politically motivated pipe dream?


Only if they put electricity to it. Those people just climb walls.

Abbott playing to his Trumpian base while placing more obstacles in the maze to the voting booth.

The US border is under US jurisdiction regardless of state. This is nothing more than a political stunt to placate racists and the Texas Taliban.

Build a wall keep all the future Democratic welfare recipients where they belong

Should do something else with that money. The power grid would be a good start.

Pandering from Abbott.

This topic is highly loaded and political. Yes, there's some things that need to be addressed. There's so much polarization regarding this that I think many forget the underlying reasons many are trying to immigrate here. Our community has a sizable number of families that would probably provide far better context into these underlying reasons than I could. I hope that before we make any claims or suggestions, we work to understand and then work to find solutions.

Realistically, they probably could finance it, BUT every time the government finances something, SO much money is lost in "studies" and "administration costs." For example, if $1 goes to the EBT program, how much of that $1 ends up getting spent on food? So much is lost through all of the costs to administer it. All of the inefficiency drives up the costs. So I think they theoretically could afford it if they were efficient with it, but actually won't be able to because of all of the government waste and corruption with bidding processes, kickbacks, etc.,

They will just tunnel under it.

Having a friend lose a child to fentanyl that likely came across that border. Secure it now and no, contrary to all the "Talking Heads." I am not racist nor bigoted. I want any/all that wants to come here to be able to. I do want the child/drug traffickers stopped cold. That isn't a race issue. That is a common sense/decency issue.

Great leadership maters support following our laws and our state of Texas. 1000% build wall. Support Greg Abbott 1000%. Texas should put a tax every truck from Mexico $10.00. Wall will be paid. Call it a Texas inspection fee.

I'm surprised Texas doesn't build a wall all the way around the state. Seems they dislike anyone making their way to 'their state.' No one in no one out

Build the damed wall. I'm tired of seeing more and more Mexicans in my everyday travels. It's a vicious circle. They come here, most illegally, setup housekeeping with government help, find whatever kind of work they can get, get a check or cash and send part of it back to their family south of the border to finance the next bunch. They all seem to have cell phones but less than 1% can speak English enough to communicate with Americans.

Build the wall!! Texas can fight our own battles! Illegal immigration (stress on illegal) is a crime that has hurt our State for years!

Do you lock your doors at home? WHY?? However you answer my question is your answer

A dependable power would help a lot more.

It's not a politically motivated pipe dream. It is necessary. Will it work? I hope in every way it can. It is a crisis. It was being handled when Trump was president. Their are babies and children going through hell because of this open door policy. Never should we let groves of illegals in our country! No other country allows this. It will be more damaging to the border states financially if we allow this to continue.

It's a political motivated pipe dream, unrealistic to spend that much money on something that will be never work when Texas doesn't even take care of its own citizensexample: electrical grid

No, let them come across by the thousands, bringing their drug lords, pedophiles, and the like (sarcasm.) And don't say that isn't happening. Just talk to the Texas ranchers and see what type of people are crossing. Check out the weapons they have to keep agents from stopping them. Ask THEM if we should finish the wall. And just keep your doors open at night, because after all — you don't want to keep anyone out do you??

Abbot needs to run for President.

Politically motivated. I believe that Trump said he would make Mexico build. This problem is not new. Why is

Playing to his trumpian base. The useless Wall is a blight on the environment and symbol of failure, as was the Berlin wall. We need highly motivated immigrants to counter our falling birth rate. Reform immigration policies. #DACA

It's a political stunt by a guy who wants to be President.

Build the wall!!!

Why is Abbott concentrating on a wall that will cost taxpayers billions when Texans need him to concentrate on the power grid. All of this is a political stunt to elect Republicans.

Build it!

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