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The National Collegiate Athletic Association is faced with an unprecedented pandemic, which has called for a swift, unprecedented response for all levels of play within the governing body.

The NCAA has elected to cancel the remaining winter and spring championships.

NCAA president Mark Emmert has set guidelines for all competitions through Division I to Division III.

"Set aside all of the politics, the media and what was going on in the NBA and everything else, the medical information was changing very, very rapidly as everybody got their arms around this," Emmert said. "If you think back two weeks or three weeks ago, we were getting quite confusing and sometimes even contradictory information from state, federal, local officials and policymakers. We weren't even talking about a pandemic yet. [The World Health Organization] hadn't even declared it a pandemic at that stage. That's why we put together our COVID-19 committee so we could sort through what was going on."

There will be no March Madness, track and a field championships, or the College World Series.

This will be the first time a men's champion will not be declared since the NCAA postseason play begin in 1939, and a first for the women since the NCAA took over that tournament in 1982.

The NCAA recently said in a statement that seniors in spring sports will gain an extra year of eligibility, along with figuring out avenues for seniors who season was recently cut short in winter sports, due to COVID-19.

"Council leadership agreed that eligibility relief is appropriate for all Division I student-athletes who participated in spring sports," the Division I Council Coordination Committee said in a statement.

University of Arkansas Athletic Director Hunter Yurachek held a press conference on March 12 to address the direction of the Razorback athletic department during this pandemic.

"As far as our spring sports and those championships, I think it's still very much up in the air, any decisions on how to proceed," Yurachek said. "I will tell you I think it will be extremely challenging for our student-athletes and our coaches after taking a month off to quickly start a season back up again. So you've got to think just the timing of that, if we are able to start practicing against some time after April 15, how many weeks of preparation you need to get ready to start a season again. It's gonna be a challenge. Read into that what you will. We have a lot of challenges ahead of us, but that's still up in the air.

"I think it will be really tough for student-athletes to be away for a month and come back and really get geared back up. What you have to really start to think about, from a student-athlete perspective, as an administrator, is it best to try to piece together a half of a season with no national championship, or is it best, as we talked about before, to give each student-athlete a year back, and let them come back and have a full, competitive, championship experience?"

Texas A&M Athletic Director Ross Bjork echoed Yurachek's comments in his press conference about what the Aggies are going to do going forward.

"They can't come to the facilities, other than nutrition and the training room, and we're determining what the academic support looks like," Bjork said. "There is a lot of speculation and a lot of theories that we could go off of, but right now, we have to work off what we know," Bjork said. "When would you fit in spring practice? It's too early to tell right now. And if you don't have spring practice, what happens over the summer? Right now, we're just on hold."

So college athletics are in wait-and-see mode like the rest of the world at this time. Be safe.

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