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Texarkana, Arkansas' entertainment district moved one step closer to reality as the planning commission took one more swipe at the ordinances governing it, along with some of the proprietors of downtown establishments that will be affected by these coming rules.

One major consideration batted back and forth was open containers. Glass containers, such as bottles, would still be forbidden.

"Cans, yes, those will be allowed. Open cups, but no reason it should just be red cups," said Boots Thomas, chairperson.

The question of where customers with open containers could go is up for more discussion.

"The rule needs to be that once you leave an establishment with an open container, you are not allowed to enter another, regardless. Finish it in the placed purchased or in the outside area. You cannot be allowed to bring an open container into another establishment," said George Dodson, co-owner of Hopkins Icehouse.

Another consideration was litter. The establishments in the entertainment district would need to have receptacles available for disposal. The discussion was also had about garbage pickups to be expedited.

The boundaries of the entertainment district remain unchanged for the time being.

Those attending anticipate the attendance in that area of the town could increase after the entertainment district comes into effect.

"At first, it may be mostly around special events, but it may become more frequent as the area becomes more of a destination in its own right," said Randal Hickerson, commissioner.

"At one time, the area was almost deserted. Now, we are starting to have crowds," said David Peavy, entrepreneur. "This is what we want in downtown — people coming down, seeing the area as a destination. Area operators can deal with the litter issue. We want to attract good people, not the ones inclined to cause trouble."

Police would discourage both trouble makers and underage drinkers.

Wednesday's set of ordinances will be the ones taken up by the city board. It is hoped the final ones will be reviewed and passed by the city board in a few months.

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