Playing games has its advantages

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Playing board games and card games with friends can benefit a senior adults mental and physical health.

Almost any weekday in Texarkana, a visit to one of the several local senior centers will find groups of senior adults sitting down for games of cards, dominoes, or other games.

One of the primary benefits of playing board games is reducing the risk of cognitive decline, such as that associated with dementia and Alzheimer's. Keeping the mind engaged means you are exercising it and building it stronger according to

Playing games in a group can also lower blood pressure:Along with laughing and increasing your endorphins, they can help you lower or maintain your blood pressure. This release of endorphins help muscles to relax and blood to circulate, which evidently will lower your blood pressure. High blood pressure is associated with greater risk of artery damage, heart disease and stroke.

It can also be helpful to the immune system. Research has shown that negativity, depression and stress can reduce your ability to fight disease, according to

Positive feelings and thoughts, like the laughter and enjoyment that can comes with games, prevents these effects by releasing some chemicals that fight stress and boost your immune system. longer and helping to fight disease.

According to the following games will not only help keep your brain young with the various abilities they strengthen, but they also promote social interaction, which is also known to help keep the aging brain young.

  •  Scrabble. This popular word game is famous for it's brain-boosting abilities.
  •  Mahjong. An ancient Chinese game, Mahjong strengthens memory and logic skills.
  •  Dominoes. This seemingly simple game actually provides an excellent opportunity to practice your strategy skills and can be quite competitive.
  •  Checkers. Known as draughts in most other countries, this simple game allows anyone of any age to compete while using strategy to try to win.
  •  Gin Rummy. Problem-solving skills get a workout with this popular card game that is easy to learn but will always leave you room to grow.
  •  Chess. helps develop problem-solving, logic, and strategy skills and is known for both its educational value and boost to intelligence.
  •  Bridge. Find a bridge club or round up several friends who would like to learn to play this game that is considered to be the ultimate in card games.
  •  Backgammon. Grab a friend and sit down to this fun game that helps protects against brain deterioration.
  •  Spades. This card game was invented in the US and has gained more world-wide recognition with its availability online in recent years.
  •  Hearts. Easy enough for the whole extended family to play, Hearts is also great for memory and strategy.

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