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Shade, scenery prevail along this walking trail

by Michael V. Wilson / Contributing Writer | March 19, 2019 at 1:22 p.m. | Updated March 19, 2019 at 1:23 p.m.
Bramble Trail

Bramble Park, situated at 1801 Fulton St., has a 1/2-mile-long walking trail around the lake, basketball courts and picnic tables that grace this quaint neighborhood park.

The trail starts at the east end of the parking lot on Fulton Street, near the red-roofed pavilion. At the end of the railing you can either turn right to the pavilion, go straight ahead to the bluish-green playground equipment or turn 45 degrees to the right to cut across the grass to the first leg of the sidewalk trail that circles the park.

After crossing a small, natural ravine, the trail turns north across a small mottled-stone and concrete bridge across the inlet to the lake. A little farther on, the trail takes a dogleg turn to the west past one of the concrete picnic tables under the trees.

From there you can go straight to continue around the lake, or turn back to the north again where there are more picnic tables. If you keep going, you'll cross another grassy area to the sidewalk directly beside the lake. There are already a few ducks keeping a close eye on you as you pass. They're obviously eager for a handout. If you decide to feed them, don't use bread because it's not good for them. Only give them seedless grapes, cooked rice, peas, corn or birdseed.

Along the north side of the lake is a wooden T-shaped pier. Children fish off the pier during the warm spring and summer months.

Past the end of the lake, at the northwest corner of the park near the corner of Ferguson and Garfield, is the main sign welcoming everyone to Bramble Park. The paved trail turns into a sidewalk along Ferguson, past the outflow of the lake and on up to the Fulton Street parking lot. Turn left to the far end of the parking lot and you're back to your starting point.

It's an easy walk, and during the summer there's plenty of shade from the oak trees scattered around the park. The gentle lapping of the water at the lake's edge combines with the sound of bird calls in the tree branches to create a restful atmosphere, perfect for a quiet stroll in the evenings.


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