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Crafting with Katie: A noteworthy project to do

January 8, 2022 at 10:00 p.m.

It's a brand-new year, and I have last year's mess all around me.

There is something about a new year that makes you feel the need to get organized -- at least I do. I try to stay organized all throughout the year, but it never works. I will get those organizing baskets or totes and it all looks so good at first. Then I buy more and more, and I cannot fit it all in the basket anymore. Never fails.

I also find myself constantly losing notes from my daughter's school. Between the photos, artwork, and the magnets themselves, we don't have room to put anything else on the refrigerator.

This is a great do-it-yourself craft to help keep all those notes away from the chaos of the refrigerator and all in one place! Here are the supplies you need:


-- Metal pan (Can be any size you want if it is flat. I used a pizza pan.)

-- Decorative rope. (You can also use ribbon for this step.)

-- Paint brush or sponge to use for application of decoupage glue.

-- Two kinds of glue: Hot glue and decoupage glue or school glue.

-- Background paper. (I used a thin kitchen towel for this, and it worked great. You can also use vinyl sticker paper as well. All of which can be found at an art supply store or local dollar store.)

-- Ribbon or rope to use for hanging the pan.

-- Scissors

-- Small items for final touches such as flowers, greenery, or jewels.

First, you want to collect all your supplies. (Image 1)

Start with the metal pan. Flip it over to work with the back side of the pan. If you are using the vinyl sticker paper, be sure to measure and cut before you apply the sticker to the pan. You will not need the school/decoupage glue either. If you use cloth of any kind or paper, then you will use the school/decoupage glue. I used a thin kitchen towel for mine and cut it in half first. Then, I applied a layer of decoupage. (Image 2)

I placed my kitchen towel down and pressed hard using a foam roller. You can also use your hands for this part, as well. (Image 3)

Now it is time to cover the metal edge using the decorative rope or ribbon. I used hot glue for this part so it would dry quickly, but you could use the school/decoupage glue here as well. Make sure you start on the outer edge of the pan and work your way inward toward the background you just finished. You should have 2-3 layers of rope/ribbon when you are done so that all the metal is covered. (Image 4)

Cut the excess rope/ribbon. Flip the pan over to glue the ribbon/rope to the back for hanging. Be sure to use caution with hot glue! (Image 5)

The back of my pan is not pretty, but it's the back, so I don't mind! Now you can add a few final touches. I added a succulent and some greenery in a few spots where the metal was still showing on my background. I made sure everything was dry, then I added a few homemade magnets and done! (Image 6)

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