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Letters To The Editor

May 4, 2022 at 10:00 p.m.

I'm a 6th-grader at Pleasant Grove Middle School and I walk home from school everyday and I think walking from school can be dangerous sometimes.

One of the problems with walking home is not having any sidewalks to use. Some kids walk on the side of the road and they can be hit by a car. When it's raining my shoes get wet and muddy because I am not allowed to walk in the street and I have to walk in the grass.

Another problem is that there is no bike lane. I would like to ride my bike to school but my mom won't let me because there is no sidewalk or bike lane. I see my friends ride their bikes to school and they have to ride their bikes in the middle of the street. My mom worries they might get hit by a car.

People speeding is also a problem. When kids are walking home cars do not slow down or move over, this is dangerous because kids riding their bikes or walking in the street can get hit by a speeding car.

I like walking home from school and think sidewalks and bike lanes would be a great addition to keep kids safe who walk home like I do.

Roman Martinez

Texarkana, Texas

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