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On National Sunscreen Day, doctor recommends protecting skin

by Mallory Wyatt | May 26, 2022 at 10:00 p.m.
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TEXARKANA, Texas -- It's National Sunscreen Day, and a local dermatologist recommends adding sunscreen protection to seasonal outdoor activities.

Dr. Jeff Young has been a practicing doctor of dermatology for nearly 30 years and operates out of a practice called Dermatology Associates LLP.

"Sunscreen protects our skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays that cause skin cancer, wrinkles and brown blotchy spots on our skin," Young said.

It is recommended that people wear sunscreen daily if they are an outdoor worker, and is advised if people like to go to the beach, pool or ballparks.

"Melanoma can develop on the face or any exposed area," Young said. "If you don't wear sunscreen, you can have thinning of the skin, or bruising on the arms and hands."

Young emphasized that all skin types can be prone to cancer.

"The fairer the skin, the more likely it is to suffer from the effects of ultraviolet radiation, but even those with more olive tones with enough exposure can see effects such as wrinkles and cancer."

"Even though you don't burn, it doesn't mean that the sun or artificial tanning beds aren't causing damage," he said.

Print Headline: On National Sunscreen Day, doctor recommends protecting skin


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