By Moms, For Moms: Fit4Mom looks to fill a need for Moms in all strides of life

Fit4Mom Texarkana co-owners Joy Sandefur and Audrey Anderson came together to create a new business that brings mothers together.  Staff photo by Mallory Wyatt
Fit4Mom Texarkana co-owners Joy Sandefur and Audrey Anderson came together to create a new business that brings mothers together. Staff photo by Mallory Wyatt

Motherhood brings a multitude of milestones in quick succession: giving birth to a tiny and delicate person, learning to feed this small person often from the fruits of your own labor and the exhaustion that comes from taking care of someone not used to the outside world.

Something that is often forgotten in this feminine phenomenon is the loneliness that some mothers face after giving birth, but two local moms have joined to combat the problem with an intuitive business model aimed at bringing mothers together.

Audrey Anderson and Joy Sandefur met through Junior League of Texarkana and immediately 'clicked.' They found commonality in that they both have two preschool-aged daughters and newborn baby boys, additionally coming to the joint realization that there are a lack of mom and baby activities in Texarkana area.

"We (both) have such a passion for helping other moms and being that resource, because we both know we needed it -- and we still need it," Anderson said. "To this day after two kids, we're both seeking that village -- that support -- and we want other moms to have it too."

And creating that community is a critical part of their mission.

"Becoming a mom was definitely one of the loneliest seasons of my life, and I don't want any other mom to feel like that," Sandefur said. "We need to get these moms out of the house and into the community."

Both women's desire for a village led to Anderson recalling something that brought her that feeling of community.

Prior to living in Texarkana, Anderson and her husband lived in Fort Worth, Texas and the couple worked in the medical field. Anderson's first postpartum experience left her wanting to get out of the house and find friends who were also mothers.

"I literally googled 'Mom and baby friendly activities' and Fit4Mom came up," Anderson said. "I went to my first class and it was free -- I just fell in love with it."

Anderson said that the classes gave her something to look forward to and gave her a chance to get outside. She also met other mothers who were in the same stage as she was, and a network of mothers who had different experiences from her.

Additionally, Anderson didn't have to worry about scheduling childcare, or about judgment if she was having a rough time.

"There's one mom who barely slept last night and the other one who feels great that day," Anderson said. "There could be a toddler melting down, or a baby that needs a bottle or to be breastfed -- whatever. We get it -- just handle your situation. We've all been there."

Anderson shared her experience with Sandefur and the two began to work on bringing Fit4Mom to Texarkana.

"We really wanted an opportunity to bring your kids and get outside for some fresh air," Sandefur said. "I feel like Audrey and I have even learned more about our community from just starting this."

The duo hopes to promote exercise that is feminine-focused.

"We were trained in all areas of prenatal, postnatal and all trimesters of working with a pregnant mom," Sandefur said. "I know just from experience there's not a lot of education around that in our area."

Sandefur said she became much more in tune with herself and her body through Fit4Mom's training, especially since the program prioritizes the science behind movement.

"We empower moms through choice," Anderson said. "It's important to be very well aware of what potential needs are for moms and how to accommodate our exercises accordingly."

Anderson said whether a mom feels like pushing harder, wants to stay the course or needs to take it easy -- she will be supported no matter what option she chooses.

"My personal goal would be if I just heard one mom telling me 'This has been influential to me,'" Anderson said. "I could just be done there."

Fit4Mom will have its grand opening event of Stroller Strides on Saturday, Oct. 29 in Spring Lake Park from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. in Monte field, with a craft and playdate after for the youngsters. The regular classes will be on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays at 8:30 a.m. with classes every other Saturday at 8:30 a.m.

To learn more about Fit4Mom, visit

  photo  Fit4Mom will feature stroller strides, so local mothers can engage athletically with their children in tow. Staff photo by Mallory Wyatt

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