Letter to the Editor


Mike Johnson wants to release more tapes of the January 6th riot. He thinks he can release cherry-picked scenes of protesters peacefully walking through the halls of Congress, and that will prove there was no violent protest. He and the MAGA crowd think the American people are so stupid they won't see through this obvious attempt to sugar coat the events of that day. I can show you pictures of German soldiers from WWII, laughing and talking and acting peacefully. It doesn't mean they didn't try to conquer the world.

The American people know what we saw that day. We saw MAGA people attacking the Capitol Police and try to stop a free and fair election because Donald Trump didn't like the outcome. We saw MAGA people breaking windows to breach the Capitol building. We saw MAGA people sitting in the chambers of the Halls of Congress, with their zip ties ready to do harm to anyone they didn't like. We heard the cries of "hang Mike Pence" and later learned that the President didn't try to stop it. All of this happened and if Mike Johnson thinks we don't know this, then he is just as stupid as he thinks we are.

The MAGA crowd doesn't support law enforcement. They don't support the Constitution of the United States. They don't believe in Freedom of the Press, or Freedom of Religion. They only want Donald Trump put back in office so he can continue to erode the values that our founding fathers instilled in us.

Donald Trump would burn this country down to stay in power. He would tear up the Constitution and make his own. He is the most dangerous man in America today. Do not let this obvious attempt to sweep January 6th under the rug, fool you. Americans are smarter than that, despite what Mike Johnson thinks.

Randy Mauldin

Texarkana, Arkansas

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