Keeping clothes on their hangers

DEAR HELOISE: I like to use plastic coated wire hangers for my casual knit shirts, but I had problems with the shirts sliding off the hangers. So, I bent the top arms of the hangers down a little, about 3 inches from each end. This made the ends flatter, and now my shirts no longer fall off. A simple solution to a frequent aggravation! -- Cammy Ferguson, Benton, Arkansas


DEAR HELOISE: Many times, my wife has tried to open a jar by holding the jar in her left hand and twisting the lid with her right. Nothing happened! When she asked me to come into the kitchen and get the lid off the jar, I went to a drawer and got a wide rubber band. By putting the band on the cover, it became much easier to twist! -- A.C., in Kenyon, Minnesota


DEAR HELOISE: Here's a hint that's helpful to remember over the holidays: Thoroughly clean out your fridge and freezer before you start to cook holiday meals. Save plastic containers that are still durable and in good condition, and recycle those that aren't. By cleaning out both your fridge and freezer, you will make room for those delicious leftovers that you can use later, like chopped turkey, ham bones and veggies.

Also, by setting aside clean plastic containers, you will have something readily available to put the leftovers in, whether you are sending them home with guests or just keeping them for your own family.

Here's to wishing everyone a joyous holiday -- and remember, it's not about having everything perfect! It's about being thankful for whatever we have, especially those non-tangible gifts like faith, family, friends and the special feeling that comes from celebrating a meal and gathering together. -- Carmon Hacker, Trenton, Ohio


DEAR HELOISE: Here's how to get extra use from a shaving razor. I use an old toothbrush to clear out whiskers and hair stubble caught between the razor blades, since that residue often impedes the shave-efficiency factor. So, by clearing it as I shave along, I'm getting considerable longevity from the razors and saving money. This is even beneficial for cheap, dollar-store razors. -- Geno Shifrin, Columbus, Ohio


DEAR HELOISE: Thank you for all of your handy hints! A different addition to baked potatoes and potatoes skins is topping them with French onion dip instead of sour cream. Yummy! -- Kathy Powers, Little Rock, Arkansas


DEAR HELOISE: I've been using this method to clean my combs since I was a kid. (I'm now 79.) Buy a vegetable brush at a dollar store. Take the brush into the shower (or bath) with you. When your hair is shampooed, run your comb through it. Then scrub your comb with the brush.

To save water, shut off the shower while doing this ritual or when doing anything else that does not involve wetting or rinsing. -- A.S., via email

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