OPINION/Sharing Thanks: You can help everyone have a happy holiday this week

Here we are, Thanksgiving Week in the Twin Cities and across America.

Folks will be out and about, shopping and getting things ready for Thursday's big celebration -- and hoping they find they've forgotten something when the big day comes.

For most of us there will be turkey or maybe a nice juicy ham. There must be dressing, of course, cranberry sauce and an assortment of tasty sides. For dessert, maybe pumpkin pie or some other sweet treat.

Yes, this Thanksgiving will be a happy day for most of us. It always is.

But there are those in our community who won't enjoy such a happy and abundant holiday without your help.

Local charities that feed the homeless and needy on Thanksgiving need some help to carry on their mission. Your donations, be it food or paper goods, volunteer labor or cash, help these agencies to provide a hearty meal along some warmth and comfort for those who need it the most.

So amid the hustle and bustle of the week, if you are able make a little extra effort to contact one of our local charities to see what they need and how you can best help.

Because everyone should have something to be grateful for on Thanksgiving.

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