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Here's the best piece of advice you'll get today.

Suppose something happens to you? what if you die or become incapacitated?

Do you have a plan for your "digital life?"

A sudden tragic event can be very difficult under normal circumstances for your loved ones as they try and settle your affairs. But especially these days when we do so many things over the internet.

Many of us have our personal papers — insurance policies, etc. — in one location. But you can make it much easier on your spouse or family by having a list of your online accounts and subscriptions, along with login and password information.

Also needed are your computer and cellphone passwords and any online credit card sites, Paypal or other payment platforms.

Include your online retirement and brokerage accounts and your bank accounts, too, if you use their online sites.

Don't forget subscriptions such as Netflix, Hulu or regular physical product shipments — any membership sites, like Facebook and other social media.

Include your blog if you have one, internet service providers and any websites and domain names.

Then there are the utilities you pay online, and Amazon and other retail accounts.

Basically, if you do anything online, your family is going to need access in an emergency situation.

Put it all down on old-fashioned paper and make sure they know where it is. If you keep it on your computer or phone, they might not have the password ahead of time to access the information.

And be sure to keep the list updated with any changes.

It's a different world today. Fortunately, a little planning now can ward off big problems later.

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